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Discover the Path to Personal and Professional Success

Achieving personal and professional success requires strategic communication skills that enable you to forge valuable relationships, gain a competitive edge in business negotiations, and ultimately accomplish your goals. At our firm, we have counseled some of the world’s most accomplished individuals on harnessing the power of reputation to gain a strategic advantage in their business endeavors.

Our advisory team is renowned for its strategic acumen, financial expertise, and shrewdness. With decades of experience, we specialize in assisting entrepreneurs and executives with strategic communication, empowering them to outperform their competitors. Our advisors possess technical prowess, innovative thinking, and the ability to operate effectively at the board level.

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We provide invaluable insights at critical business junctures, including business growth, investment, acquisition, and disposal.

Our Services

Our advisory team caters to ambitious entrepreneurs seeking continuous business growth, as well as family directors aiming to maintain market share or prepare for a sale. Our key services encompass:

  1. Strategic communications advice for personal, executive, and corporate positioning.
  2. Quarterly assessment of communications risks and opportunities for your business.
  3. Crafting pathways to connect your leadership team with influential individuals.
  4. Garnering media coverage to enhance the reputation of your leadership team among various stakeholders.
  5. Orchestrating campaigns to elevate your business’s profile within the financial and political communities.
  6. Leveraging online reputation strategies for your leadership team.
  7. Identifying key stakeholders and business peers who can unlock opportunities for your organization.
  8. Devising press strategies to announce deals, annual results, and other financial milestones.
  9. Designing public relations strategies to support dealmaking activities.
  10. Providing an on-demand crisis management team.


Each client receives a personalized work program tailored to their unique needs, especially in the realm of strategic counsel. Our experienced team will develop a plan that aligns precisely with your requirements.

Our Experience
Over the years, our team has supported numerous clients with intricate and time-sensitive communication and reputation needs. Here are some recent highlights:
  1. Acting as the sole point of contact for communications and media strategy during a three-year M&A strategy for an energy entrepreneur (£1.8 billion), leading to the successful acquisition of over 10 companies.
  2. Overseeing all communication needs for the leadership team and broader business of a large property company’s CEO during an 18-month process, culminating in the company’s listing on the NYSE.
  3. Providing strategic counsel to a property entrepreneur whose company experienced explosive inorganic M&A growth, expanding from 150 employees to over 700.
  4. Serving as a board-level member responsible for marketing, communications, and positioning for a family office ($175 million AUM), coordinating the investment vehicle’s CSR and networking strategy.
  5. Assisting the CEO of a national bank in developing a private network through stakeholder identification, engagement, and coordination of private events.
All our work is conducted with the utmost confidentiality and discretion, safeguarding our clients’ interests at all times.
Our Clients

Our services are tailored to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. Recent clients include:

  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Business founders and entrepreneurs
  • CEOs, board members, and senior executives
  • Leadership teams and boards
  • Privately-held and high-growth businesses
  • Investors across private equity, venture capital, and angel investment
  • Next-generation family members
  • Landowners and property developers
  • Philanthropists and donors
  • Politicians and civic leaders
  • Family investment vehicles
  • Family businesses
  • Family charitable entities

Our clients value discretion, confidentiality, and trust. They seek a highly personalized approach that respects their individual and personal needs.

About Us

LaerryBlue media  is an award-winning strategic communications advisor to successful individuals, families, and their businesses.

Choosing to work with our team means engaging with a communications agency unlike any other. Rather than measuring our relationships in weeks, months, or even years, we view them in terms of generations. Our clients return to us time and time again, relying on our steadfast loyalty, trust, and confidence. We aim to build lifelong relationships based on these principles.

Once you become our client, your reputation becomes the central focus of our energy, passion, and expertise. Our dedicated team is committed to advancing your best interests at all times.

We see the world through your eyes, offering discreet guidance on the deliberate steps you need to take to achieve your highly personal and deeply private professional and non-professional aspirations.

At the heart of our business is our exceptional team. As a partner-led firm, every client we serve has a dedicated partner overseeing their work. This approach ensures a highly personalized, around-the-clock contact point for accessing our comprehensive services and support.

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