Stakeholder Mapping

Our stakeholder mapping services cater to the needs of highly successful individuals worldwide. As a global leader in this field, we specialize in assisting entrepreneurs, executives, high-net-worth individuals, and their businesses with comprehensive stakeholder mapping exercises. We understand the significance of mapping and expanding networks, and we also provide strategic advice on sensitive and crucial communication matters.

 Influencing decision-making in a positive way is crucial for successful individuals. They leverage their extensive networks to build relationships, shape perceptions, and gain a competitive edge. At Laerry Blue Media, we have worked alongside world-renowned individuals, guiding them through complex networks of people, partners, and organizations to achieve their goals.

Our Stakeholder Mapping team is strategic, analytically rigorous, and well-connected. They excel in mapping the intricate web of connections among stakeholders and decision-makers in various industries, uncovering hidden relationships to inform communication strategies and identify new avenues for influencing decision-making. Our team operates with discretion, creativity, and investigative prowess.

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We support clients throughout the stakeholder research process, from identifying initial contact points and leveraging data and research tools to determining strategic points of engagement.

Our Services

Our services cater to entrepreneurs seeking to expand their networks and executives looking to extract value from existing relationships.

Key services include:

  • Identifying decision-makers with the power to impact personal and business performance
  • Utilizing data analysis and tools to uncover hidden connections
  • Mapping second-tier and third-tier stakeholders
  • Analyzing interconnections between stakeholders
  • Investigating strategic priorities and motivations of different stakeholders
  • Establishing initial contact points for communication campaigns
  • Assessing awareness and perceptions among identified stakeholders
  • Developing communication plans targeting principal contact points in the network
  • Identifying existing contacts for introductions and further engagement
  • Identifying key network nodes for targeting
  • Evaluating the impact of communication campaigns across the network

The level of detail required for a stakeholder map varies based on individual needs, and our experienced team will devise a personalized plan of action.

Our team has supported clients in influencing decision-making across a range of scenarios.

Recent Highlights

Recent highlights include:

  • Assisting an activist investor in mapping key investors in a publicly-listed entity (with a market capitalization of approximately $350 million) and understanding their motivations before executing a takeover campaign.
  • Mapping stakeholders for an industrial entrepreneur (with a net worth of £250 million) to identify key decision-makers for a buy-out offer and ascertain their underlying motivations.
  • Working with a commercial property developer to identify stakeholders influencing planning policy decisions and devising a strategy to shape decision-making within that network.
  • Identifying key financial stakeholders for a large property fund (with a value of approximately £500 million) and developing strategies to positively influence their perceptions of the individual behind the fund.
  • Creating an extensive stakeholder map for an entrepreneur entering a new industry, identifying potential partners, investors, and other key stakeholders.

All our work is conducted with utmost confidentiality and discretion, safeguarding our clients’ interests.

Our services are tailored to successful individuals, families, and their businesses.

Our client base includes high-net-worth individuals, property developers seeking planning permission, investors targeting new sectors, activist investors, newcomers to the UK establishing networks, individuals in industries affected by regulatory and policy changes, business founders, CEOs, senior executives, political donors, philanthropists, private equity firms, hedge funds, politicians, civic leaders, family offices, and family businesses.

We prioritize discretion, confidentiality, and trust, delivering highly personalized approaches that address individual needs.

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About Us

Our company, LaerryBlue Media, is an award-winning strategic communications adviser to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. Our team consists of specialist communications experts dedicated to serving as a single point of contact for all your communication needs. We understand the unique requirements and expectations of successful individuals, allowing us to better meet their needs than anyone else.

We blend the high-quality, personal, attentive, and discreet service expected from a private bank with modern communication techniques necessary for navigating the risks of positively influencing decision-making. Our company is built from the ground up to cater specifically to successful individuals and their businesses. We unapologetically focus on understanding our clients’ needs, expectations, and requirements better than anyone else.

In addition to hiring professionals from the public relations and communications industry, we also bring in talent with diverse backgrounds in politics, investment, private client law, accountancy, public affairs, and family business advisory. This multidisciplinary approach enables us to provide a comprehensive range of expertise and deliver the most effective solutions.

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