Setting an ESG Strategy and Leveraging Sustainability for Profitability

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, successful individuals and businesses must adapt to changing value systems and leverage their commitment to sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles to enhance their reputation and forge strong relationships with stakeholders. At our firm, we have partnered with some of the world’s most accomplished individuals to develop ESG plans that align with their personal and corporate missions while bolstering their executive and corporate profiles.

Our ESG & Sustainability team is astute, financially savvy, and attuned to dynamic trends. With years of experience, we support individuals in developing their ESG and impact programs while effectively communicating them in subtle and selective ways. Our team is known for their creativity, strategic thinking, and dynamic approach.

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We provide comprehensive support across all aspects of ESG and sustainability, including strategic planning, impact evaluation, and internal and external communication.

Our Services

Our ESG & Sustainability team caters to investors and companies with established impact plans, as well as those taking their first steps into the realm of ESG.

Our key services include:

  1. Strategic communications advice on effectively communicating your commitment to ESG and sustainability.
  2. Analysis of existing ESG and sustainability programs and credentials.
  3. Gathering evidence and evaluating impact data to support external communication of ESG and sustainability efforts.
  4. Coordinating media and communication campaigns centered around ESG.
  5. Creating collateral that effectively communicates ESG and sustainability credentials.
  6. Enhancing visibility of ESG and sustainability credentials through existing internal and external communication channels.
  7. Integrating ESG and sustainability activities into executive leadership communications, including newsletters, interviews, and speeches.
  8. Mapping stakeholders, both internal and external, who are influenced by ESG activities.
  9. Conducting audits of existing ESG and sustainability credentials to identify reputational risks.
  10. Providing 24/7 crisis communications support.


Every investor and company requires a customized solution, and our experienced team will develop highly personalized action plans tailored to engage the stakeholders you need.

Our Experience

Our team has successfully supported a diverse range of clients in effectively communicating their ESG activities.

Recent highlights include:

  1. Coordinating a media and PR campaign for a family office (£550 million AUM) to showcase their ESG credentials among financial stakeholders, including the international financial press.
  2. Running a communications campaign for a family-owned property developer, leveraging media, online, and social channels to highlight their environmental credentials to local stakeholders and planning decision-makers.
  3. Creating an ESG impact report for an individual investor (£800 million), demonstrating their economic impact throughout the year for distribution among important stakeholders, including peers, partners, and regulators.
  4. Acting as the primary point of contact for all media inquiries for a family office subject to an activist-driven campaign urging them to divest from a specific company.
  5. Developing ESG messaging for a family-owned business, disseminating it across all leadership communication channels, including internal and external newsletters, press releases, and employee town halls.

All our work is conducted with utmost confidentiality and discretion, prioritizing the protection of our clients and their interests.

Our Clients

Our services are tailored to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. Recent clients include:

  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Business founders and entrepreneurs
  • CEOs, board members, and senior executives
  • Leadership teams and boards
  • Privately-held and high-growth businesses
  • Investors across private equity, venture capital, and angel investment
  • Next-generation family members
  • Landowners and property developers
  • Philanthropists and donors
  • Politicians and civic leaders
  • Family investment vehicles
  • Family businesses
  • Family charitable entities

Our clients value discretion, confidentiality, and trust. They seek a highly personalized approach that respects their individual and personal needs.

About Us

LaerryBlue  is an award-winning strategic communications advisor to successful individuals, families, and their businesses.

Once you become a client of LaerryBlue Media, your reputation becomes the central and sole focus of all our energy, passion, and thinking. We are committed to advancing your best interests, providing discreet advice on the steps needed to achieve your highly personal and private professional and non-professional ambitions.

Founded in 2017, we have grown to become the leading provider of PR services to successful individuals, executives, and their businesses. Our service offerings have expanded beyond media liaison and traditional public relations to include online reputation management, as well as advisory services in areas such as succession, ESG, and diversity.

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