Reputation Risk Audits

Our Reputation Risk Audits are designed to provide individuals and organizations with a comprehensive assessment of their reputational risk exposure. We utilize advanced technology to scrape the internet for information about our clients, and our team of experts manually assesses each reference, bringing informed and human-led judgments to bear on complex content.

Understanding your reputational risk exposure and how you are perceived by others is crucial in today’s digital age. Your digital footprint serves as a proxy for your reputation and may harbor unseen risks that have the potential to make or break your career, business success, and partnerships.

A single forgotten tweet or negative online mention can escalate into a full-scale reputational crisis. Reputations that have been built over decades can be destroyed overnight, leading to loss of confidence among partners, lenders, employees, and investors.

Simultaneously, the internet has made an abundance of information readily available to the public. Private information, such as addresses and family members’ names, can be accessed with a simple click, potentially being used and misused by competitors, activists, and others.

In the face of these challenges, our award-winning Reputation Risk Audits identify all the content capable of exposing successful individuals to reputational risks and potential privacy breaches. We provide pragmatic recommendations to mitigate or eliminate these risks.

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Digital Fingerprint

Further information

Reputational risk scope

Our Reputation Risk Audits involve a forensic analysis of all the content available online about you and your organization:

  1. Search results: We evaluate the content that can be found about you through search engines.
  2. Social media: We identify content that you have posted (or that has been posted about you) on social media platforms.
  3. Media articles, blogs, and forums: We assess media articles, blog posts, and other written content.
  4. Rich media: We analyze all rich media, including videos and photos, that may pose a threat to your reputation.
  5. Leaks and other sources of information: We conduct in-depth analysis of additional sources of information, such as employee review websites, donation registers, website domain records, and leaks.
  6. Recommendations: We provide clear and practical strategies to mitigate or eliminate identified risks.
Use cases

Our Reputation Audits are valuable in various situations, particularly when individuals or companies may face high levels of scrutiny:

    1. Pre-IPO and financing: Understanding how you may be perceived by financial stakeholders is essential before embarking on an IPO or fundraising process.
    2. New business partnerships: When entering into new business partnerships and joint ventures, it is critical to comprehend how potential partners may perceive you.
    3. Regulatory approval: If you are undergoing regulatory approval processes, your profile will be subject to high levels of external interest and scrutiny.
    4. Smear campaigns: If you have been targeted with misinformation, it is important to understand the extent and depth of false smears.
    5. Talent acquisition and stakeholder engagement: Whether it’s attracting new employees, engaging with the local community, or managing other stakeholders, understanding how audiences perceive you is vital.
Our difference

At laerryblue media , we pride ourselves on delivering sophisticated and high-quality audits that are unmatched in the industry:

  1. Human-led intelligence: All data is manually evaluated by communication professionals, providing unparalleled insights that cannot be replicated by automated processes.
  2. Communications expertise: As PR specialists, we possess a deep understanding of the underlying reputational risks posed by content, surpassing the capabilities of mere investigators.
  3. Personalized service: We offer an unrivaled level of client care, building long-term relationships based on knowledge, confidence, and trust, rather than viewing engagements in purely transactional terms.

4.Recommendation-led: We constantly consider the necessary follow-up steps to respond to identified risks, ensuring your reputation is protected at all times and paving the way for robust reputational risk management strategies.

About us

LaerryBlue media  is a multi-award-winning communications agency that advises some of the world’s most successful individuals, wealth creators, and their entities on their reputations.

As a full-service reputation advisor, we provide holistic expertise across public relations, digital profile management, and advisory support to build, protect, manage, and enhance our clients’ reputations. We prioritize building long-term relationships with our clients, built on deep knowledge, confidence, and trust.

Each client has unique requirements shaped by their personal priorities, career stage, individual situation, and personal and professional aspirations. Some individuals may proactively seek to build their reputations through high-impact campaigns, while others may focus on protecting their privacy from potential media threats and intrusion.

Working with us is unlike engaging with any other communications agency. We measure our relationships not in weeks, months, or years, but in generations. Our clients return to us time and time again as their needs arise.

Once you become a client of Laerryblue media , your reputation becomes the central and sole focus of all our energy, passion, and thinking. Our specialist team of reputation experts remains at your disposal around the clock, providing a single point of contact for all your needs.

While some clients may require ongoing support, others may seek our assistance during important junctures in their personal and professional careers that present specific communications opportunities and challenges.

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