Online Reputation Management

In the online realm, successful individuals and businesses understand the importance of a positive online reputation. It provides them with a competitive edge, shapes people’s perceptions in a positive way, and lays the foundation for building new relationships. At LaerryBlue Media, we have partnered with some of the world’s most successful individuals to take control of their online reputations and protect them from unfair damaging content.

Our Online Reputation Management team is quick to act, strategic, and adept at navigating the rapidly evolving digital landscape. With years of experience, our team helps individuals harness the latest technology to manage their online reputations and present their best image. We are discreet, resourceful, and assertive when necessary.

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We provide comprehensive support for all your online reputation management needs. This includes developing personal positioning strategies, ensuring a strong online search presence, maintaining an up-to-date and positive online profile, conducting thorough audits of your existing online reputation, coordinating digital media campaigns to align with reputation management strategies, creating and strategically placing positive and representative content online, managing new digital reputation assets such as websites, planning legal actions and takedown requests, gathering intelligence on online reputational attacks, monitoring and mitigating online and social media risks, implementing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, and evaluating and monitoring reputation and digital footprint.

Each client receives a personalized work program tailored to their specific needs. Our experienced technical team will devise a plan that addresses your unique requirements.

Our team has supported a wide range of clients in managing their online reputations.

Recent highlights include:
  • Taking control of an entrepreneur’s (£120 million) online reputation, enhancing their credibility among investors and financial institutions through strategic coverage and online content.
  • Implementing a reputation repair program for the CEO of a private company who faced a vicious campaign aimed at damaging their personal reputation.
  • Enhancing the online profiles of next-generation family members to bolster their professional credentials and standing.
  • Transitioning the online profile of a green energy entrepreneur (£250 million) to that of a technology investor following the sale of their business.
  • Establishing the online profile of a prominent female CEO of a FTSE-250 company as a leading voice for diversity in the boardroom.

All our work is conducted with confidentiality and discretion, safeguarding our clients and their interests.

Our Services

Our services cater to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. Recent clients include high-net-worth individuals, individuals subject to reputation attacks, executives facing consumer and public activism, business founders and entrepreneurs, investors in private equity, venture capital, and angel investment, CEOs and senior executives, next-generation family members, landowners and property developers, philanthropists and donors, politicians and civic leaders, family investment vehicles, family businesses, and family charitable entities.

We understand the importance of discretion, confidentiality, and trust, and we provide a highly personalized approach sensitive to individual and personal needs.

Our team is recognized as a leading global provider of highly personalized and confidential insight into the most challenging communications issues faced by successful individuals and their businesses. Our highly experienced personnel guide clients through their communication, media, and online challenges.

Since 2017, Spear’s magazine has consistently recognized us as “best in breed” for family reputation. We are regularly featured in international, national, and financial media as one of the leading voices on how communications, media, and reputation impact the lives and businesses of the most successful individuals.

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