Media Relations

As a global leader, we specialize in offering media relations support to highly accomplished individuals. Our expertise extends to advising entrepreneurs, executives, high-net-worth individuals, and their businesses on press relationships and crucial communication requirements. We prioritize their sensitive and significant communication needs.

To ensure optimal coverage, we assist successful individuals in utilizing media platforms to intelligently shape their profiles, promote their perspectives, and bolster their reputations. With a track record of partnering with renowned figures globally, we strategically advocate for their interests in the media, all while safeguarding their privacy.

With a strategic, discreet, and analytically driven approach, our Public Relations team excels in plotting and executing sophisticated strategies that elevate clients’ profiles while mitigating overexposure risks. We boast a well-connected, sensitive, and creative team, catering to diverse public relations requirements such as positioning, media strategy, public speaking, and coverage generation. Contact us online or call +44 7405 133042  to speak with our  communications advisers.

Our range of services caters to individuals seeking profile establishment or management of existing interests. Our key offerings include:

Strategic guidance for personal and corporate positioning.

  1. Assessing current perceptions and awareness levels.
  2. Developing media and communication strategies to shape perceptions among target audiences.
  3. Creating tailored approaches to engage specific stakeholders, like financial audiences.
  4. Securing positive and targeted media coverage.
  5. Crafting and disseminating press announcements.
  6. Managing and preparing clients for media interviews.
  7. Facilitating Board positions and awards.
  8. Formulating public speaking strategies.
  9. Analyzing the impact of communication efforts on audience sentiment.
  10. Developing and preparing all content and creative materials.

Each client receives a customized work program designed to address their unique requirements, with our experienced team devising a plan tailored to your needs.

Our extensive London-based team has successfully assisted diverse clients in shaping public, business, and financial community perceptions. Recent accomplishments encompass:

. Transforming negative public opinions about a high-net-worth individual (£3.1 billion) through a meticulously managed media campaign and philanthropic initiatives.

  1. Enhancing the personal reputations of a senior management team pre-IPO, strategically aligning their media, speaking engagements, and social media outreach to engage the German financial community.
  2. Crafting compelling narratives and selectively elevating the profile of a family office ($750 million) within the financial and investment sphere to attract co-investment opportunities.
  3. Establishing a tech entrepreneur as a leader in property technology by employing a comprehensive media, public speaking, and content strategy, complemented by their appointment to an industry association.
  4. Guiding an entrepreneur post-IPO (£500 million) in their personal positioning during the transition to their next career phase, with a focus on the technology investment community through media and speaking engagements.
  5. Managing perceptions of a family business within the local community, particularly political stakeholders, ahead of a redundancy program.

Throughout our work, confidentiality and discretion are paramount, safeguarding our clients and their interests.

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We provide meticulous London-based public relations services designed specifically for accomplished individuals, families, and businesses. Our esteemed clientele includes:
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Business founders and entrepreneurs
  • Investors in private equity, venture capital, and angel investment
  • CEOs and senior executives
  • Next-generation family members
  • Landowners and property developers
  • Philanthropists and donors
  • Politicians and civic leaders
  • Family investment vehicles
  • Family businesses
  • Family charitable entities

Our clients expect unwavering discretion, confidentiality, and trust. They seek a deeply personalized approach that is attuned to their individual and personal requirements.

Headquartered in London with a global reach, LaerryBlue Media  is an acclaimed strategic communications advisor serving successful individuals, families, and their businesses. Established in 2014, our consistent recognition in Spear’s 500 as top reputation advisors for five consecutive years speaks to our expertise.

While our base is in London, we offer international support to clients worldwide. Once you entrust your reputation to us, it becomes our utmost priority. Our dedicated team is committed to advancing your best interests at all times.

We aim to forge enduring relationships based on loyalty, trust, and confidence. Our measure of success extends beyond mere weeks, months, or years but encompasses generations, as clients repeatedly turn to us whenever needs arise.

With a team of specialized public relations experts at your disposal, we act as your exclusive point of contact for all your communication requirements. Partnering with us grants you a competitive advantage in achieving both personal and professional aspirations.

Ready to take control of your communication strategy?