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We excel in providing comprehensive media monitoring services to highly accomplished individuals. As a global leader, we offer expert guidance to entrepreneurs, executives, and high-net-worth individuals, assisting them in managing their media exposure and addressing their critical communication requirements with utmost sensitivity and importance.

Monitoring what others are saying about you and your business is crucial for successful individuals. It allows you to shape perceptions, address misconceptions, and enhance your reputation and relationships. At, we have worked alongside world-renowned entrepreneurs and businesses, providing real-time insight into their media exposure and immediate response to reputational risks.

Our Media Monitoring team is quick to act, thorough, and technologically savvy. With their experience and advanced tools, they can swiftly identify and assess even the most subtle online mentions that may impact successful individuals. They approach their work with meticulous attention, exhaustively covering potential risks that media mentions can pose.

To speak with one of our communications advisers, call us on +44 7405 133042  , or contact us online. We have the ability to monitor and track all sources of information that could pose a risk, including traditional media, social media, online platforms, public records, and filings.

Our services cater to entrepreneurs, senior executives, and associated businesses and entities. Key services include identifying monitoring terms, tracking mentions across media channels, real-time monitoring on social media, setting up tailored monitoring strategies for additional risk areas, evaluating risk around the clock, alerting you to potential reputational risks, devising strategies to address negative mentions, reporting on non-critical mentions regularly, and providing a single point of contact overseeing your media and online footprint. We also offer an on-demand crisis management team. Every client receives a personalized work program, tailored to their specific needs.

Our sources

We monitor various communication channels, including traditional printed media, online news publications, social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), online content (blogs, forums, review websites), broadcast media, legal filings, parliamentary records, company registries, leaked documents and passwords, changes to online articles and biographies, and digital records such as domain registries.

We can develop bespoke monitoring tools for unique client risks, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Our experienced team has supported clients with diverse mention frequencies. Examples include analyzing frequent media mentions of a senior executive, monitoring social media during an activist-driven reputational attack campaign, addressing online harassment and ensuring the removal of private photographs for a property developer, providing an early warning system for a family business regarding mentions in parliamentary filings and legal records, and conducting comprehensive around-the-clock monitoring for a retired entrepreneur with significant assets.

All our work is conducted with utmost confidentiality and discretion to protect client interests.

Our services

Our services are tailored to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. We serve high-net-worth individuals, business founders, investors, CEOs, senior executives, next-generation family members, landowners, philanthropists, politicians, family investment vehicles, family businesses, and family charitable entities.

We understand the need for discretion, confidentiality, and trust, delivering highly personalized solutions sensitive to individual needs.

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LaerryBlue media, is an award-winning strategic communications adviser dedicated to assisting successful individuals, families, and their businesses.

Our team of specialist communications experts is at your disposal, serving as a single point of contact for all your communication needs. We combine the high-quality, personalized, and discreet service expected from a private bank with modern communication techniques essential for navigating the risks of the digital world.

Our team is the cornerstone of our business, with dedicated Partners providing around-the-clock support, ensuring a highly personalized experience for every client to access all our services and support.

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