“Live Again” Outreach Event: A Day of Support, Healing and Transformation

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In a heartfelt effort to uplift and empower women facing challenges, particularly those affected by abuse or marital difficulties, the recent “Live Again” outreach event organized by Fogg Solutions left a profound impact on participants. Laerryblue Media, the event’s PR agency, had a representative present to capture the inspiring moments and activities.

The brainchild behind these impactful initiatives is Enimofe Ogbimi, founder of Fogg Solutions, aptly named for its mission to spread the “Fragrance of God’s Glory” (FOGG) through compassionate outreach.

The event kicked off with a poignant 15-minute prayer session, where women joined in collective prayer for the men in their lives, setting a tone of hope and spiritual upliftment for the day ahead.

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A significant highlight of the event was the sharing of personal stories by participants. One woman courageously shared her journey of overcoming a tumultuous marriage marred by abuse. Her story served as a beacon of resilience, instilling hope and solidarity among attendees.

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Educational sessions on marital and life skills were conducted, focusing on fostering healthy relationships and personal growth, equipping women with essential knowledge and tools.

Empowerment activities filled the day, including dance and recreation sessions that allowed women to express themselves freely. Makeup and photoshoots boosted self-esteem, promoting a sense of beauty and pride in individual identities.

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Practical assistance was provided through CV reviews and counseling, guiding women towards their career aspirations while addressing mental health needs. Free clothes and medical assistance were also available, addressing immediate physical and practical needs.

Participants were not only supported emotionally and practically but also received food items and monetary gifts, enhancing their immediate financial well-being and fostering a strong sense of community support.

The impact of the event was profound, with participants leaving equipped with tools and support to face their challenges. The combination of emotional healing, practical assistance, and educational empowerment contributed to a community of empowered women.

Through testimonies shared and counseling provided, many attendees began their journey of healing and recovery, embodying the essence of “Live Again.”

Representing the event, the essence of empowerment and resilience that defined the “Live Again” outreach was witnessed igniting more hope for humanhood in the community. It shows the power of community and compassion in transforming lives.

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