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At LaerryBlue media, we prioritize effective communication within our team to ensure seamless collaboration and successful outcomes. We recognize that successful individuals and owners enhance their reputations by implementing creative communication campaigns and engaging with their employees. With our expertise, we have supported numerous prominent business leaders in achieving these goals while maintaining their personal privacy.

Our approach to internal communications is strategic, creative, and empathetic. With decades of experience, we understand the priorities and motivations of internal stakeholders, allowing us to build trusting and open relationships. We bring pragmatism, commercial acumen, and analytical thinking to every engagement.

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Our comprehensive range of services covers all aspects of internal engagement. This includes devising strategies to communicate mission and purpose, effectively delivering difficult or challenging news, and managing internal sentiment.

Our Internal Communications team serves owners and executives who actively participate in their businesses, as well as those who adopt a more passive figurehead role.

Our key services encompass:

  1. Strategic communications advice for personal and executive leadership positioning.
  2. Mapping and understanding all internal stakeholders, including important partners.
  3. Advising on the visibility of leadership and ownership within the company.
  4. Running targeted communications campaigns to disseminate key messages internally and enhance leadership reputation.
  5. Launching, drafting, and editing internal newsletters.
  6. Creating collateral for internal communication, such as brochures and reports.
  7. Developing strategies for effectively communicating difficult news within the organization.
  8. Aligning internal communications activities with public relations and media relations efforts.
  9. Implementing measures to protect the privacy of company leadership or ownership.
  10. Conducting research and segmentation of internal stakeholders based on their motivations.
  11. Organizing and coordinating events and other engagement activities.
  12. Drafting and preparing leadership for speeches.
  13. Monitoring and evaluating the impact of interventions.

Each client receives a personalized work program tailored to their specific needs. Our experienced team will devise a plan that addresses your unique requirements.

Our Experience

With a wealth of experience, our team has successfully supported various clients in engaging their internal teams and managing sentiment. Here are a few recent highlights:

  • We launched an internal newsletter for a family business valued at approximately £150 million to shape positive perceptions among over 700 employees regarding family members and ownership.
  • We worked with the CEO of a fast-growth technology company, providing strategic advice on executive positioning and effectively communicating key purpose and mission messages through internal collateral, media coverage, and executive speeches.
  • We coordinated an internal communications campaign for the leadership team of a FTSE-250 company, showcasing the company’s ethical, sustainable, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials to employees and other internal stakeholders.
  • We advised an entrepreneur-led business on internal communications during a significant redundancy program involving over 250 staff members. Our approach ensured that news was communicated transparently, empathetically, and sensitively, mitigating reputational risks.
  • We supported a leadership team in implementing internal communications following their acquisition of a new business valued at £80 million, fostering positive reactions among new employees regarding the change in ownership.
  • We implemented robust privacy protections for a high-net-worth family with assets worth £1.6 billion, addressing potential risks arising from household and personal staff members.

All our work is conducted confidentially and discreetly, prioritizing the protection of our clients’ interests at all times.

Our Services

Our services are tailored to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. Recent clients include family businesses, privately-held companies, entrepreneur-led enterprises, large regional employers, high-net-worth individuals with personal staff members, leadership teams of large businesses, CEOs, boards, senior executives, philanthropists, donors, politicians, civic leaders, family investment vehicles, and family charitable entities.

Our clients value discretion, confidentiality, and trust, and they expect a highly personalized approach that is sensitive to their individual and personal needs.

Our Distinguished Clientele

At LaerryBlue Media,, we offer meticulously tailored public relations services in London to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. Our esteemed clientele includes:

  1. High-Net-Worth Individuals: Catering to individuals with significant wealth and influence.
  2. Business Founders & Entrepreneurs: Assisting visionary founders and entrepreneurs in building and protecting their reputations.
  3. Investors: Serving a diverse range of investors, including those involved in private equity, venture capital, and angel investment.
  4. CEOs and Senior Executives: Providing strategic communications support to top-level executives and CEOs.
  5. Next-Generation Family Members: Assisting the rising generation of affluent families in managing their personal and professional reputations.
  6. Landowners and Property Developers: Offering specialized PR services to landowners and developers in the real estate industry.
  7. Philanthropists and Donors: Assisting individuals engaged in philanthropy and charitable giving to effectively communicate their missions and impact.
  8. Politicians and Civic Leaders: Providing strategic guidance to politicians and civic leaders in managing their public image and communications.
  9. Family Investment Vehicles: Assisting family investment entities in maintaining a positive reputation and fostering trust among stakeholders.
  10. Family Businesses: Supporting family-owned businesses in effectively communicating their values, achievements, and long-term vision.
  11. Family Charitable Entities: Offering tailored PR services to family foundations and charitable organizations.

Our clients value discretion, confidentiality, and trust. We understand the importance of a highly personalized approach that respects their unique needs and circumstances.

Operating from our London headquarters, we proudly extend our services globally. Transmission Private has been recognized as an award-winning strategic communications advisor since our establishment in 2017. Our consistent inclusion in Spear’s 500’s list of top reputation advisors for five consecutive years attests to our industry expertise.

When you entrust us with your reputation, we make it our central focus. Building long-lasting relationships based on loyalty, trust, and confidence is our goal.

We measure our success not in terms of mere weeks, months, or years but in generations, with clients repeatedly returning to us as their needs arise.

Our team comprises specialized public relations experts who are dedicated to fulfilling your communications needs. With us as your trusted single point of contact, we provide you with a competitive advantage to achieve both your personal and professional aspirations.

Contact us today to begin enhancing your reputation. We invite you to reach out for an informal and no-obligation discussion about how we can support you. Contact us now to take the first step towards unlocking your full potential.

Our Company

LaerryBlue media is an esteemed and acclaimed strategic communications advisor that specializes in serving successful individuals, families, and their businesses.

Our team consists of a group of skilled communications experts who are dedicated to meeting your communication needs. Acting as your single point of contact, we provide a competitive advantage that helps you achieve your personal and professional objectives.

Since our establishment in 2017,, we have become the foremost provider of PR services to successful individuals and their businesses. In response to evolving client requirements, we have expanded our range of services beyond traditional media liaison and public relations. We now offer comprehensive solutions in areas such as online reputation management, internal communications, and advisory services encompassing succession, disputes, and diversity & inclusion.


To cater to an expanding client base, we have grown our team to better serve a diverse range of clients, including family businesses, privately-held companies, and family foundations. We understand the unique dynamics and specific needs of these entities, enabling us to provide tailored solutions.

Our team lies at the core of our business. As a Partner-led organization, each client we support is assigned a dedicated Partner who oversees all aspects of their work. This ensures that you have a highly personalized point of contact available around the clock to access our full range of services and support.

we take pride in delivering strategic, impactful, and discreet communication solutions that empower our clients to enhance their reputations and achieve their goals. We value long-term partnerships, prioritizing confidentiality, trust, and individuality for every client we serve.

To explore how LaerryBlue media  can help you unlock your communication potential, we invite you to contact us for an informal discussion without any obligations.

Experience the difference of our personalized approach and discover the possibilities for your personal and professional success.

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