Impacting Lives at the Boycode Bootcamp: A Collaboration Between The Stellar Academy and Laerryblue Media

The Boycode Bootcamp, a transformative program held by The Stellar Academy, saw significant contributions from Laerryblue Media, founded by Olanrewaju Alaka. The bootcamp, running from June 10th to June 15th, aims to empower young minds through mentorship and skill development. Olanrewaju, a key partner for the program, shared his excitement and insights from the event on social media.

“I’m still buzzing with excitement from my recent experience with the boys at the Boycode Bootcamp,” Olanrewaju shared. “It’s always been a personal mission of mine to impact knowledge in the lives of young people, and this event truly highlighted that.” This personal commitment to mentorship was evident in Olanrewaju’s interactions with the boys, where he emphasized mastering business skills and the power of collaboration.

Walking into the room, Olanrewaju felt an instant connection with the eager young participants. Their enthusiasm and willingness to engage in meaningful conversations made the session impactful. “They were eager to listen, ask questions, and engage. It was incredibly refreshing and made me feel at ease,” he noted. The boys’ attentiveness and respect created a conducive environment for learning and growth.

As a mentor, Olanrewaju spoke passionately about the importance of bringing individual talents together to form a strong, cohesive team. “We discussed the significance of collaboration and partnership, and I was amazed by how each boy had a unique talent and was eager to contribute to something bigger than themselves,” he said. This emphasis on teamwork and collective effort resonated deeply with the participants, inspiring them to think beyond individual success.

Laerryblue Media’s involvement extended beyond mentorship. The company also donated tee shirts for the boys, reinforcing their commitment to supporting and engaging with the community. This gesture highlighted the company’s dedication to creating a positive impact through tangible contributions.

Reflecting on the experience, Olanrewaju remarked, “Seeing their enthusiasm and willingness to engage reminded me why I started Laerryblue Media over a decade ago – to share knowledge and make a difference in the community, especially in the area of media relations and public relations.” The bootcamp served as a powerful reminder of the importance of mentorship and the profound effect it can have on young minds.

Looking ahead, Laerryblue Media plans to engage more with the community through similar initiatives. “Our partnership with The Stellar Academy for this bootcamp has not only reignited our purpose but has also fueled our drive to do even more,” Olanrewaju shared. The company is actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with organizations and set up programs that benefit the community.

Olanrewaju and Laerryblue Media look forward to future collaborations, continuing their mission to share knowledge and make a positive difference. The company extends their congratulations to everyone who participated in the bootcamp!

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