Government Relations and Public Affairs

At LaerryBlue Media we understand the importance of having your voice heard in policy decision-making processes. Successful individuals, executives, and businesses leverage their strong relationships and reputations to ensure that their perspectives are given the necessary time and consideration. We have partnered with some of the world’s most successful individuals to advance their interests while safeguarding their reputations throughout the process.

Our Public Affairs team is strategic, resourceful, and well-networked. With decades of experience, they ensure that clients can articulate their perspectives in a persuasive and compelling manner. The team is commercially astute, politically adept, and consistently stays ahead by anticipating future developments.

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We support clients in engaging with various political stakeholders, including national governments, local councils, regional bodies, and regulators.

Our services cover the entire spectrum of government relations. Key offerings include:

  1. Strategic advice on personal, corporate, and executive positioning.
  2. Mapping and identifying all relevant political stakeholders and decision-makers who may impact business performance.
  3. Segmentation and research of the competing motivations of different political and regulatory stakeholders.
  4. Devising impactful communications campaigns to influence stakeholders.
  5. Coordinating local and national press strategies.
  6. Leveraging grassroots activism.
  7. Providing strategic intelligence on political risks to your business.
  8. Managing concerted parliamentary activities.
  9. Acting as a spokesperson to political stakeholders on your behalf.
  10. Organizing political engagement events.
  11. Offering around-the-clock political and parliamentary monitoring.
  12. Measuring and evaluating success through polling and analytics.

Each client receives a personalized work program targeted at the most relevant political stakeholders for their specific needs. Our experienced team will devise a plan that aligns with your objectives.


Our Services

At our public relations firm, we specialize in providing comprehensive services to individuals seeking to establish or manage their public image. Our range of key services includes:

  1. Strategic Positioning: We offer expert advice on personal and corporate positioning, helping you craft a strong and compelling identity.
  2. Perception Evaluation: Our team evaluates existing perceptions and levels of awareness surrounding your brand or persona, identifying areas for improvement.
  3. Targeted Communications: We develop effective media and communications strategies tailored to specific audiences, managing and shaping perceptions accordingly.
  4. Audience Segmentation: We devise targeted approaches to reach specific audiences, such as financial stakeholders, ensuring your message resonates with the right people.
  5. Positive Coverage: We proactively secure positive media coverage, leveraging our connections to promote your achievements and highlight your strengths.
  6. Press Announcements: Our skilled team drafts and distributes press announcements, ensuring that your news reaches the intended audience effectively.
  7. Media Interview Preparation: We provide comprehensive support in managing and preparing you for media interviews, ensuring you convey your message confidently and effectively.
  8. Board Positions and Awards: We assist in securing prestigious board positions and awards that enhance your professional reputation and influence.
  9. Public Speaking Strategies: Our team helps you develop effective strategies for public speaking engagements, ensuring your message is impactful and well-received.
  10. Sentiment Analysis: We evaluate the impact of our communication efforts on audience sentiment, allowing us to refine our strategies and messaging accordingly.
  11. Content Creation: Our experts draft and prepare all types of content and creative material, ensuring consistency and quality across various communication channels.

We understand that each client has unique requirements, and our experienced team will work closely with you to develop a personalized work program that meets your specific needs.

Our Experience

We have a wealth of experience supporting clients across a diverse range of needs. Recent highlights include:

  • Creating a high-powered political board for a campaigning organization, comprising current and former ministers and the former leader of a major national political party.
  • Managing all press and media engagement for a major political donor, ensuring alignment with the client’s political priorities.
  • Launching and coordinating a parliamentary interest group of over 20 members, enabling a green energy investor to effectively communicate their perspective on policy issues.
  • Mapping the political decision-makers involved in a logistics asset construction decision worth £40 million and strategizing communications targeting these stakeholders based on their priorities and motivations.
  • Providing a central point of contact for political press and stakeholders during a business decision with national political implications, ensuring fair representation and powerful articulation of the client’s side of the story.

Our work is conducted with confidentiality and discretion, prioritizing the protection of our clients’ interests.

Our public affairs services are carefully tailored to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. Recent clients include entrepreneurs in regulated industries, investors in private equity, venture capital, and angel investment, landowners and property developers, high-net-worth individuals, leaders of companies in critical industries such as energy and defense, founders of disruptive companies, CEOs, board members, senior executives, philanthropists, donors, politicians, civic leaders, family offices, family businesses, and family foundations.

We understand the need for discretion, confidentiality, and a highly personalized approach that caters to individual and personal needs.

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Based in London and operating internationally, we are a leading global public affairs advisor to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. What unites them is their need for discreet, bespoke, and personalized media, communications, and public affairs guidance.

When you become a client of LaerryBlue media , your reputation and influence become the central and exclusive focus of our energy, passion, and strategic thinking. Our expert team is dedicated to advancing your best interests at all times.

Public affairs management encompasses various facets of work, ranging from nurturing existing relationships with key policymakers and stakeholders to providing guidance on the political risks your business may encounter.

No matter what your objectives may be, we will ensure that your voice is heard by political decision-makers. Our team consists of specialized communications experts who are at your disposal. Acting as a single point of contact for all your communication needs, we serve as your competitive advantage in achieving your personal and professional goals.

We take pride in hiring professionals from diverse backgrounds beyond the traditional realms of public relations and communications. This allows us to bring in talent with expertise in European and UK politics, private client law, accountancy, public affairs, and family business advisory.

At Laerry Blue Media, we are committed to providing the highest level of service, tailored to your unique requirements. Our team’s extensive experience and multidisciplinary approach enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet your specific public affairs goals.

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