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Can you handle and mitigate scandals effectively?
We are globally recognized as the premier provider of communication guidance for accomplished individuals and renowned brands, catering to a diverse range of industries.
What are your pricing options?

We offer three primary charging models: ongoing retainership, consulting fees, and hourly rates. Many clients find it convenient to engage us through recurring monthly retainers, although we are also open to working with walk-in clients. If you would like more detailed information regarding our pricing structure, we would be happy to provide further details.

What is the function of PR?

PR advises and collaborates with individuals, organizations, and governments to ensure effective communication, fostering positive relationships and strategic messaging for success.

I require assistance with gaining publicity.

You have indeed reached the appropriate destination. How would you prefer to communicate? Email? Whatsapp? Or a quick phone call?

Is spin inherently negative?

Not necessarily, but deception is unquestionably detrimental. It’s crucial to acknowledge that the demarcation between spin and deception is quite distinct.

What if I prefer an in-house team?

We have a proven track record of assisting clients in establishing their own internal teams. The importance of having an in-house team cannot be overstated.

What does asset management entail?

Asset management involves the process of effectively creating, maintaining, growing, and maximizing the value of owned assets, which may encompass various digital properties such as company websites, social media pages, channels, and content.

What is issues management?

Issues management involves effectively addressing and containing potential problems before they escalate into crises.

What is public relations?

Public relations is a professional practice dedicated to managing relationships between organizations and their stakeholders, with the goal of achieving mutual understanding.

What does paid media entail?

Paid media refers to providing compensation, such as cash, for editorial coverage, as well as engaging in native advertising, which includes paid blog posts or sponsored social media posts.

Which governing bodies oversee and regulate your work?

In Nigeria, our work is regulated by the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), while in the UK, we adhere to the regulations of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

What sets LaerryBlue Media apart and makes it distinct?

We have invested years in comprehending the established norms and have since challenged and exceeded them. Trailblazers who revolutionize industries or even the world often need to embrace unconventional approaches, even if it takes time for others to fully grasp their significance.

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