Deepening Reputation with Stakeholders through Purpose and Positioning

Successful individuals and businesses recognize the importance of effectively communicating a clear and focused message to their stakeholders. By capturing their purpose and positioning themselves in the right way, they can align their narrative with the priorities of peers, partners, and wider stakeholders, ultimately reinforcing their reputation. At our firm, we have worked with some of the world’s most successful individuals, helping them articulate their purpose in crystal-clear language.

Our Purpose & Positioning team is creative, expressive, and adept at quickly getting to the heart of an issue. With decades of experience, we collaborate closely with clients to develop positioning strategies that highlight their strengths and heritage.

Our team excels in inventiveness, commercial sensitivity, and imaginative storytelling.

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We provide comprehensive support for all your purpose and positioning needs, including the initial development of a purpose statement, creating collateral to capture that positioning, and communicating it to the wider audience.

Our Services

Our Purpose & Positioning team caters to clients who already possess a clear sense of their purpose, as well as those in the early stages of this process. Our key services include:

  1. Strategic communications advice on personal, executive, and corporate positioning.
  2. Conducting stakeholder research to understand the priorities of your audience, including partners, employees, financial institutions, and other stakeholders.
  3. Benchmarking your personal or corporate positioning against similar individuals and competitors.
  4. Exploring various options for purpose and positioning.
  5. Crafting precise and articulate language to capture your purpose and positioning.
  6. Creating collateral, such as brochures, newsletters, and internal communications, to showcase your new purpose statement.
  7. Providing visibility to your purpose and positioning on existing assets, such as your website.
  8. Coordinating press and media campaigns to selectively showcase your purpose and positioning.
  9. Managing communications campaigns, including social media, to promote your purpose and positioning.
  10. Gathering examples of internal activities and successes that exemplify your purpose for outward communication.

Every client receives a personalized work program designed to meet their specific needs, and our experienced team develops tailored plans accordingly.

Our Experience

Our team has successfully supported a diverse range of clients in giving visibility to their purpose and refining their positioning.

Recent highlights include:

  1. Defining the personal executive positioning of the CEO of a FTSE-250 company and providing outward visibility to their positioning through digital profiles, PR efforts, and external speaking engagements.
  2. Assisting a family office (with assets under management of £280 million) in developing their purpose to position themselves effectively in securing deal flow from fast-growing technology start-ups.
  3. Creating communications collateral for a privately-owned property developer, including a new brochure, briefing notes, and a newsletter, to selectively showcase their mission to important stakeholders, including the local community and planning decision-makers.
  4. Articulating the purpose of a multi-generational family, capturing the priorities and values of different generations for external communication.
  5. Assisting an entrepreneur with their executive positioning ahead of an initial public offering (IPO) to build credibility among the financial and investment community.

All our work is conducted with the utmost confidentiality and discretion to protect our clients and their interests.

Our Clients

Our services are carefully tailored to successful individuals, families, and their businesses.

Recent clients include:

  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Business founders and entrepreneurs
  • Investors across private equity, venture capital, and angel investment
  • CEOs, board members, and senior executives
  • Senior company directors, including CFOs, COOs, and CMOs
  • Multi-generational families
  • Next-generation family members
  • Landowners and property developers
  • Philanthropists and donors
  • Politicians and civic leaders
  • Family offices
  • Family businesses
  • Family trusts and foundations


Our clients demand discretion, confidentiality, and trust. They require a highly personalized approach that caters to their individual and personal needs.

About Us

LaerryBlue media is an award-winning strategic communications advisor to successful individuals, families, and their businesses.

Once you become a client of Laerry Blue media, your reputation becomes the central and sole focus of all our energy, passion, and thinking. We are dedicated to advancing your best interests and providing discreet advice on the steps needed to achieve your highly personal and private professional and non-professional ambitions.

Since our founding in 2017, we have grown to become the leading provider of PR services to successful individuals and their businesses. We have expanded our team to serve new clients, including executive teams, family businesses, family offices, and family foundations.

Our firm is purpose-built to cater to the unique needs of successful individuals and their businesses. We are unapologetically focused on understanding our clients’ needs, expectations, and requirements better than anyone else.

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