Crisis communication

We specialize in crisis communications and provide unparalleled support to a wide range of accomplished individuals and businesses worldwide.

As a renowned leader in the field, our expertise lies in guiding entrepreneurs, executives, high-net-worth individuals, and their enterprises through intricate crisis scenarios while addressing their critical and delicate communication requirements.

In crisis management, swift and strategic action is crucial to minimize long-term damage. Our experienced Crisis Communications team stands alongside renowned individuals, providing robust and forceful defense in challenging situations.

With a proactive and dependable approach, we offer discreet support throughout the crisis lifecycle, from prevention and response to aftermath advice. For assistance, call +44 7405 133042 or reach out online.


Our Crisis Communications team serves clients in crisis preparedness and ongoing crisis situations.

We provide strategic advice for personal and corporate positioning, devise crisis response strategies, plan the evolution of crises, offer stakeholder engagement guidance, handle hostile inquiries, draft press content, act as media spokespersons, conduct risk audits, create reputation recovery plans, and provide 24/7 crisis management support.

We tailor our services to your specific needs, recognizing the dynamic nature of crises.


Our experienced team has supported various clients navigating crises that pose significant long-term threats to their businesses.

Noteworthy accomplishments include developing communication strategies for large-scale redundancy announcements, representing a family business during a high-profile administration, formulating response strategies for supply-chain crises, conducting comprehensive online audits for senior executives, and preparing crisis communication plans for listed companies in case of unexpected leadership succession.

We prioritize confidentiality and discretion to protect our clients’ interests.


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Crisis Situations

We have assisted entrepreneurs, executives, and businesses in a wide range of crisis scenarios, such as business administration, litigation and regulatory issues, shareholder activism, workplace challenges, accounting issues, supply-chain problems, data breaches, leadership changes, geopolitical risks, M&A failures, and alleged corporate misconduct. Each crisis necessitates a tailored action plan, and our experienced team will develop a strategy specifically suited to your current crisis.


Our services cater to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. Recent clients include CEOs, board members, senior executives, NEDs, high-net-worth individuals, founders, investors, next-generation family members, landowners, political donors, high-profile defendants, politicians, family businesses, and charitable entities.

We understand the importance of discretion, confidentiality, and trust, providing a personalized approach that respects individual needs.

We collaborate with diverse clients, ranging from first-generation entrepreneurs to families and their businesses. All individuals and private clients encounter crises, and timely and accurate advice is essential for effective strategic management.

We recognize the significance of having a guiding presence to protect your reputation during challenging times. With decades of experience, we navigate these complex waters, prioritizing your best interests and personal privacy.

When you choose LaerryBlue media ,your reputation becomes our primary focus, and our leading crisis communications team is equipped to advance your personal and professional interests at all times.

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