Creating an Inclusive Workspace and Leveraging Diversity Credentials

Building a successful business entails fostering a supportive work environment that attracts top talent and partners. By utilizing effective communication strategies and leadership messaging, businesses can cultivate an inclusive atmosphere that brings out the best in their people. At our firm, we have assisted some of the world’s most successful businesses in amplifying their diversity and inclusion (D&I) credentials to enhance their reputations.

Our D&I team is dynamic, strategic, and innovative. With years of experience, they constantly find new and creative ways to communicate D&I credentials to employees, customers, and partners. The team is adept at analyzing data, crafting persuasive narratives, and engaging stakeholders.

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We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire D&I timeline, including consulting on new policies, internal communication, and external representation.

Our Services

Our D&I team caters to companies with well-established D&I policies, as well as those embarking on their D&I journey.

Our key services include:

  1. Strategic communications advice on effectively communicating D&I initiatives.
  2. Analysis of existing D&I policies and activities.
  3. Collecting evidence and statistics to support outward communication of D&I impact.
  4. Crafting D&I messaging for the executive team.
  5. Creating collateral to communicate an organization’s D&I impact.
  6. Coordinating media and digital campaigns to communicate D&I impact.
  7. Launching D&I engagement campaigns.
  8. Incorporating D&I activities into executive leadership communications such as newsletters, interviews, and speeches.
  9. Conducting audits of current D&I activities to identify reputational risks.
  10. Mapping stakeholders for effective D&I engagement.


Every client receives a personalized work program tailored to their specific needs, and our experienced team will develop a plan accordingly.

Our Experience

Our team has successfully supported various clients in leveraging their D&I credentials.

Here are some recent highlights:

  1. Creating an extensive D&I impact report for a family business, aimed at enhancing the reputation of the ownership and business among employees, suppliers, and financial partners.
  2. Coordinating a media and online campaign to communicate the D&I credentials of a large privately-held business (revenues exceeding £250 million) to attract new talent.
  3. Auditing the D&I activities of a family office’s investments to identify potential reputational risks to the family office and its principals.
  4. Developing D&I messaging for an executive leadership team, integrated across all leadership communication channels, including internal communications and townhall events.
  5. Assisting a high-profile business subject to an activist-driven campaign regarding their D&I credentials, responding to the campaign and managing hostile attention and press inquiries.

All our work is conducted confidentially and discreetly, prioritizing the protection of our clients and their interests.

Our Clients

Our services cater to successful individuals, families, and their businesses.

Recent clients include:

  • Significant employers
  • Companies facing consumer activism
  • Businesses with substantial hiring needs
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • CEOs, boards, and senior executives
  • Business founders and entrepreneurs
  • Investors across private equity, venture capital, and angel investment
  • Next-generation family members
  • Family offices
  • Family businesses

Our clients demand discretion, confidentiality, and trust. They seek a highly personalized approach that respects their individual and personal needs.

About Us

LaerryBlue media is an award-winning strategic communications advisor to successful individuals, executives, and their businesses.

We are a team of specialized communications experts dedicated to supporting your unique communication needs. Serving as your single point of contact for all communications requirements, we offer a competitive advantage to help you achieve your business goals.

Our range of services extends beyond media liaison and traditional public relations to encompass stakeholder engagement, communications, and reputation advisory.

Over the years, we have expanded our team to accommodate new clients, including executive teams, family businesses, large private businesses, major employers, and family offices.

At the heart of our business is our exceptional team. As a partner-led firm, each client receives dedicated support from a partner who acts as a highly personalized, round-the-clock contact point to access all our services and support.

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